About My Practice

I am a psychotherapist for individuals and couples who have a variety of psychiatric conditions and life concerns. I work primarily face-to-face from my office in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles; I also provide therapy online with clients in California and New York.

Gestalt therapy training has formed the basis of my practice, with special emphasis on the experiential, experimental and existential nature of psychotherapy.

I specialize in three areas:


My specialization in addictions and recovery includes behavioral, psychosocial and spiritual (though not necessarily religious) approaches.


I am certified in the use of EMDR to address the effects of trauma such as fear, hopelessness, shame, anger and grief.

Sex and Sexual Diversity

In my work with the LGBT communities over 30 years, I have assisted clients in exploration of their sexuality and sexual feelings, the coming out process and the development of mature, satisfying relationships.

I integrate clients’ spiritual concerns and strengths into our work together.


Individual and Couples Therapy

Gestalt Approaches to Psychotherapy

Trauma and Performance Anxiety – Treatment with EMDR

Sex and Sexual Diversity

Mindfulness and Spirituality

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